My name is Russel Jamero Bugwat, married and live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I have a son.

I’m a Filipino at birth. I came from the Republic of the Philippines. I graduated my nursing course at Father Saturnino Urios University  formerly Urios College in Butuan City. I’m a registered nurse in the Philippines. My ambition was to work abroad. 

I’m a Spanish citizen by virtue  of my work. I was able to live and work 8 years in Barcelona Spain in which I did acquire my Spanish Nationality. I do speak Spanish. I am a registered nurse in Spain. 

I’m a Dutch by married. From Spain I came to The Netherlands  in 2008 to live with my husband thus acquiring my Dutch Nationality. Here in the Netherlands I need to study the language in order to work in the health sector. My nursing diploma was evaluated through Nuffic. I am a registered nurse in the Netherlands with BIG register. 

I spend my free time with my husband, visit or communicate my son, making contact with family and friends. 

I like music, traveling, cooking, shopping and vlogging. 

I’m a friendly type of a woman. And have a good sense of humor. I have a lot of contacts family and friends in different countries. 💚