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Sincerely Caring You With Respect!

Working as a self-employed nurse is a big challenge and has trained and made me as an openminded and broad broadminded professional. It is possible to work everyday in a different health sectors, discover new places, meeting new patients and work colleagues . In every health sector there is always something new to know like new health equipment depending on specialization, useful techniques applied for nursing,  hear more updates relevant to  work. In short always having new experience. 

I have my own work routine. I decide when and where to work. 

I have registrations for different health agencies/recruiters in Amsterdam, Netherlands in order for me just to choose via their platform where I have to work daily where nursing service is highly needed. I can work independently. I can choose between 4-8 hours of work per day. 

I also love to work with short term contracts from 2 up to 6 months in a certain healthcare department. This happens mostly during the vacation period of permanent workers. Health institutions need substitutes for their workers on vacation. It’s my pleasure to work with the team. My rule is to cover up the personnel shortage in order for the team to maintain their quality health care services. 

Payment method is via the agencies and I just simply receive my invoice and forward it to my accountant for tax purposes. I only focus on working, less hassles. 

As a nurse on duty, my passion to care is my top priority. Applying my expertise while caring with  respect to every patient regardless of race, age and gender. Be there to listen and understand them during their crucial period is important to feel the comfort in their environment as patient. Let them feel that they are always important even though they are unable to do something. Asking them a little  bit  of their expectation during my day service and try to fulfill them with what they need. Handle them patiently with smile in a simple natural way.  It’s always a pleasure to go home knowing that a client is satisfied with the services rendered. 💚